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Only penalties could make the difference between Argentina

Only penalties could make the difference between Argentina and the Netherlands in the second semifinal of the World Cup of Brazil 2014. After match goalless in regulation time and then in the extension, the box albiceleste - very effectively from the 12 steps - was classified at the end of the planetary event where will face Germany on Sunday.

And the same definition in Mexico 86 and Italy will be 90, with a Championship for each. In North America the Andean box was crowned champion, while in Europe the German set did.

It was a very tight duel which raised Sabella and Van Gaal. Very pragmatic, marking much in their area, they cancelled completely to offensives of their rivals. Neither Messi nor Robben could remove differences, because brands always neutralized.

The match was of strategy pure, trying to cancel on the contrary and trying to look for the error of the opponent, rather than the virtuoso of the attack.

Little provided in goal chances in 90 minutes and less did in the 30's extension, where the legs were running out and not looked with bad eyes close in the shoot-out.

And while came the releases from the 12 steps, Van Gaal opted not to that same move to Costa Rica, that put the goalkeeper Tim Krul when the party ended. It is that made three changes before and now cover was the owner Jasper Cillesen.

At the time the figure was the albiceleste goalkeeper, Sergio Romero. It covered two throws and Argentina did not fail. Maxi Rodríguez was the last in scoring, fourth in Argentina and the classification to the final.

On Sunday, a South American and a European will go for the World Cup. One goes by the Tri-World Championship, Argentina, and another by the tetra, Germany.

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