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Antonio Conte, the coach who last modified the scheme of Juventus to adapt it to the game of Vidal

Ended the successful era of Antonio Conte as coach of Juventus. And one of the main reasons for his departure would be the imminent departure of one of its greatest figures and favorite players, the Chilean steering wheel Arturo Vidal.

The relationship between the quarterback and the native of San Joaquin was always very close. Indeed, just the trainer arrived at the "Vecchia Singora" in the 2011 leadership demanded the hiring of national, who then fought at Bayer Leverkusen and that was intended by all the greats of Europe.

"The hiring of Arturo was very important. He joined the team at the end, after having participated in the America's Cup, but is one thing to see a player in video and other see it up close,"pointed out in that then Conte.

And as proof of the importance of Vidal in the Italian scheme is that it completely modified strategy to adapt to the game of the Chilean. "Hiring pushed me to try new solutions. We work a different tactical situation and immediately noticed the quality and intensity that can give us,"explained the coach.

In Conte of Juventus, formed in Colo Colo went through all the posts. Last man, more loaded to a band, containment, creator and even a half-point.

That Yes, there were also some rods, as when the European punished at the wheel by no-show on the stipulated date to a concentration of Juventus. Also she was responsible for some luxury moves that undermined the joint bianconero game.

But Conte always fought so that was not the national wheel. Despite the unceasing interest of other powers, DT asked leadership to do all efforts to hold it. "I'm happy for the renewal of Vidal," said strategist was ratified when the midfielder extended his link.

At the end of the 2013-2014 season, and with the injury in the knee of Vidal's by means coach forced him to the end and did play despite d elas discomfort.

"We are those who pay him the salary" was the message of the trainer to the criticism that came from Chile, so give him rest.

Now, Conte on the Juventus bench, without the road paves so Vidal Trek. Manchester United of the trainer Louis van Gaal appears as its true destination.

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